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Gandhian Institutions / Centres
In Foreign Countries

East - West Peace Links, Australia
P N D, P.O.Box AZ 43, Sydney South, 2000

University of Peace, Belgiums
Boulevard DU Nord 4, 500 Namur, Belgium

Wise-Antwerp (Anti-Nuclear Action), Belgium
Brevghen Stratt 31-33, 2018 Antwerp (Having Branches in Europe) Belgium

Gandhi Centre in the Service of Man and Life, Belgium
Rue Ophile Vander EI st 28, B -1170 Bruxelles

Mahatma Gandhi Canadian Foundation for World Peace, Canada
P.O. Box 60002, University Postal Outlet, Edmonton, AB, CANADA T6G 2S4
Email :

Website :

Tel. No.(780) 492-5504 , Fax. No. (780) 492-0113

Fundacion Mahatma Gandhi, Colombia

The foundation is set up to educate the beneficiaries selected by the Foundation (12 year-old upwards, those are of scarce economic resources)  integrally, the teachings of Gandhi philosophy so that they are reflected in them and acquire a true commitment of service in pro of the progress and well-being of the Colombians.

The mission of the foundation is to share the teachings of Gandhi, to promote and to sponsor the formation and integral professionalization of young with capacity of leadership and sense of social service, so that they revert their knowledge to the progress and well-being of the Colombians.

The aim of the foundation is to structure a documentation center MAHATMA GANDHI and to share their teachings with those who are interested in knowing them, to contribute to the formation of leaders with sense of social service, to select those who are of scarce economic resources that possess capacity of leadership and sense of social service and to motivate the solidarity with the foundation.

For more information, contact::
Mr. Harivadan Shah- Gerente Fundador
Carrera 52 No.35-33 Medellin
Tel: (574) 232 18 40 / 232 32 33 / 381 79 86
Fax: 232 58 18


Revue Non- Viozence, France

Politique 20 RUE DU Devidet 4S00 I Montargis

Gandhi Information Center, Germany
P.O.Box 210109, 10501 Berlin, Germany



GandhiServe Foundation, Germany.

GandhiServe, a charitable foundation registered in Germany, aims to spread the ethics of nonviolence by disseminating information about and popularizing Mahatma Gandhi’s life and works.
GandhiServe Foundation hopes to help alleviate conflicts and inspire others through making available media and resources on Gandhi’s life and thoughts."
Rathausstrasse 51a, 12105 Berlin, Germany



Centre for Education & Communication for Non-violence, Germany
Kirchstrasse 14, 3131 Wustrow

Fellowship of Reconciliation, Holand
(Having Branches & Affiliates All Over The World) Taken Inspiration from Jesus and Gandhi.
HO1- VAN Sonoy IS-17 1811 LD Alkmaar HOLAND.

Centre for the Progress of People, Hong Kong
48 Princess Margaret Road, 1/F Knowloon

Sahabat Alam (Friends of the Earth) - Malaysia
37 Lorong Birch, Penang

Soviet Peace Committee, Mosco

Resource Centre for Non-violence, New Zealand
P. O. Box 115669, Wellington

American Friends Service Committee
1501 Cherry Str, Philladephia Pa

Disarmament Campaigns, The Netherlands
Post (Publication & Peace Action) Box 18747, Ana Paulo Wnaplein - 3 2502 ES the Haghe

Gandhi Peace Centre, The Netherland
C/o. Piet Dijkstra, Westerwerg 2, Bergen, NH

Asian Cultural Forum on Development, Thailand
G.D.O. Box. 2930, Bangkok 10501

European Nuclear Disarmament, U.K.
Southbank House, Black Prince Road, London SEI

War Resisters International, U.K.
Lansbury House, 88 Park Ave., Enfield, Middlesex

Quaker Peace and Service, U.K.
Friends House, Euston Rd., London N 285

Shanti Third World Centre, U.K.
178 Oxford Road, Manchester MB 9 QQ

Gandhi Foundation, U.K.
C/o. M. S. Hoda, 68 Downlands Road, Purley, Surrey

Gandhi Institute, U.S.A.
Box 92, Cheyney 19319, , Philladephia

Resource Centre for Non-violence, U.S.A.
P.O. Box 2324, Santacruz 95063

Ground Zero Non-violence Centre, U.S.A.
RT 5 Box 5423, Poulsbo W A (West Coast)

Non-violent Tactics Development Project, U.S.A.
454 Williamette STR, Eugene Oregon 97401

Gandhi Memorial Centre, U.S.A.
4748 Western Avenue, N.W., Washington D.C. 20016

National Endowment for the Humanities, U.S.A.
Division of Fellowship & Seminars, Room No. 316, 100 Pennsylvania Ave N.W., Washington D.C. 20506

Institute Against Violence, U.S.A.
733, 15th Street, N.W., No. 926 Washington, D.C.

UNC Mahatma Gandhi Fellowship (Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

Gandhi Memorial Centre, USA
The centre makes available a large Photographic Display of 40 panels of Mahatma Gandhi and other accompanying materials for loan to universities or responsible civic or school groups for exhibit. Also available is an attractive set of exhibition materials on Mahatma Gandhi which are easy to display on loan from the centre. The centre also administers a ten month correspondence course on Mahatma Gandhi's life and thought.

For more information, contact:
4748 Western Avenue, P.O. Box 9515
Washington, D.C. USA 20016
Tel: 301-229-3871
Fax: 301-229-7576
Web Site:



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