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Gandhian Websites

A complete site about the biggest Gandhi museum at Rajghat, New Delhi, its library which houses a vast collection of books numbering 26000 and has a Gandhi photo exhibition with 600 photographs.

The Gandhi Heritage Portal developed by the Sabarmati Ashram Preservation and Memorial trust, Ahmedabad is a complete repository of information on the life and thought of Matatma Gandhi with some rare photographs and writings.

This is the official Mahatma Gandhi Archive. It includes an online Gandhi shop for new arrivals on books, calendars, busts of Gandhi and Kasturba and more. The site includes the family tree of Gandhi and a collection of stamps from various countries commemorating Gandhi. There is also a provision to read Gandhi books online including his Autobiography and more.

A Place to learn about Gandhi, his life, work & philosophy. This comprehensive site is regularly updated & maintained by non-profit Gandhian Organisation in India & has a wealth of information & material for researchers, students, activists & anyone interested in Gandhi.

It is a superb site on Mahatma Gandhi, including information about books on and by Gandhi in an online Mahatma Gandhi Book Store, which also has an online sale of bags, T-shirts, CD-ROMs, statues and more, all pertaining to Gandhi, along with information about Gandhi serve foundation. There is also links to topics on education, Human Rights, MK Gandhi, non violence and peace.

An informative site about Rajaji Gandhi Ashram situated at Tiruchengodu, founded by C. Rajagopalchari in 1925 to translate Gandhian ideals and thoughts into action; details about its history, activities and sale of Ashram products online.

This site is about Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti, a memorial of Gandhi, which functions under Department of culture, ministry of culture, Government of India. It includes articles like Gandhi's life and work in brief, Gandhian philosophy, with a list of publications of Samiti, audio cassettes, a photo gallery with a good collection of photographs of Gandhi and the Samiti.

A beautiful site about Gandhi, his views, a photo gallery, quotations and consists of a section, 'poems' where one can send poems on Gandhi and more.

A general site but includes books on Gandhian philosophy and writings. Under search one finds a lots of material on Gandhi. Here one can buy Gandhi books online.

Mark Shepard's Gandhi Page: Mahatma Gandhi, Nonviolence, and Small Scale Alternatives.

Important Site on Non-Violence and current topics related to Gandhi & Discussion Board.

A beautiful section on Gandhi, with articles on Gandhi by Richard Attenborough and Louis Fischer.

This site is on the Sarvodaya Shramdan Movement, the largest non-governmental people's development movement in Sri Lanka includes its philosophy and peace initiatives in Sri Lanka. It also has: a news section on the movement, information about the Sarvodaya at USA, Sarvodaya library and also a virtual ashram.

Gandhi Today: A Report on Mahatma Gandhi's Successors 

A link to Mahatma Gandhi page from Wikipedia,the free encyclopedia.

Information on Mahatma Gandhi and freedom movement of India.

This is site of Gandhi Foundation, London.U.K.

Gandhi's site by Gandhi Information Centre Berlin, Germany, with a list of books on Gandhi.

The site is on MK Gandhi Institute of non violence of Arun Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi's grandson. It has different sections on Gandhi such as biography, articles by Arun Gandhi, a chronology of Mahatma's life, his fasts, quotations, photo library, articles on nonviolence and also list of books, CDs and other items from the institute.

Site by Mahatma Gandhi Canadian Foundation for world peace, it contains multimedia files on Gandhi, online books and reviews by readers and more.

Quotations by Mahatma Gandhi

    On life and death of Mahatma Gandhi 

History of Salt March 1930. Also commutating 75 years of Salt March, 1930-2005.

  Virtual Gandhi Ashram.

Gandhi Audio

A brief yet informative section on Gandhi, presented in an interesting way with photographs, illustrations, puppets, Rangoli, portraits, cartoons , a photo-quilt, etc. A visual treat for all those interested in Gandhi; it also includes quotes and views of Gandhi along with excerpts from some well-known books on and by Gandhi

Recording of Gandhi's voice

Excellent website by Times Magazine. Also cover timeline of Mahatma Gandhi's Life.

A website by the government of India, has a superb section on Gandhi, with book lists, quotes and articles on Gandhi.

On January 30th, 2008 it will be  60 years, when Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated. To spread his message of non-violence, The Netherlands based teachers are producing Musical Gandhi, which will be premiered in January 2008. The musical will be played by  the Dutch students in the age   group of 12 to 18 years old. Gandhi, the musical tells the story of this extraordinary man, a search for truth and a struggle to be free.

*The websites selected in 'Related Links'  provide information on Mahatma Gandhi and his ideology. They do not necessarily represent the views of Mani Bhavan Gandhi Sangrahalaya.



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