Letters to / by Kasturba Gandhi

From Rajkot, February 23, 1939

[Gandhiji decided to go on fast during Rajkot Satyagraha. Kasturba was in jail. When she came to know about the fast, she addressed a pathetic note to Gandhiji mildly reproaching him for not even consulting her before launching on his fast. Gandhiji wrote to her justifying his actions.]

March 4, 1939

You are worrying for nothing. You ought to rejoice that God has sent me an opportunity to do His will. How could I consult you or anybody else before undertaking the fast when I myself was not aware that it was coming? God gave the signal, and what else could I do than obey? Will there be any stopping to consult you or anybody when the final peremptory summons comes as some day it must come?

Harijan, 8-4-1939