Gandhi's Quotations


Numerals after each epigram refer to the pages of volumes indicated by the following abbreviations. Where publisher is not mentioned, it is Navajivan Publishing House, Ahmedabad.

MM Mind of Mahatma Gandhi (Ed. Prabhu & Rao), 3rd Edn., 1968
T (Followed by Vol. No.) Mahatma (D.G. Tendulkar) Vols. 1-8; 2nd Edn.(1960), Publications Division
I to XXVI The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi, Publication Division.
TIG Truth is God, Ed. R. K. Prabhu(1955)
EWE Evil Wrought by the English Medium, R. K. Prabhu(1958)
MOG The Message of the Gita, R. K. Prabhu (1959)
MGCG Mahatma Gandhi: Correspondence with the Govenrment (1959)
Bunch A Bunch of Old Letters, J. Nehru (Asia, 1958)